Isaiah's Run Water Sports

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Summer Camps

Isaiah’s Run is a lake in central Missouri. Approximately 31 acres, it was built by Joe Voss on his farm. He began clearing trees in the year 2000 and completed much of the work himself. The lake was half full and able to be used in 2003. It was completely full in 2004.

The Voss Family has hosted several tournaments, including USA Water Ski sanctioned 3-event tournaments, the Missouri State Championships, collegiate tournaments, and INT tournaments. The lake will host a USA Water ski sanctioned tournament again in 2017. Over the years, the family has also hosted several charity and ministry events including partnering with In His Wakes with Kristi Overton Johnson and with Grant Wistrom and his foundation for kids with cancer.

The lake is private with no other boaters besides the family. It is also secluded and protected from the wind by many trees. The lake has a slalom course and a jump ramp (the ramp is for skis only, not wakeboards).

Joe Voss’ children, Julie and Austin began offering summer camps and lessons focusing on water sports instruction in 2007. Our focus is on water sports instruction and our group sizes are intentionally small. Every student receives an hour of instruction each day broken up into 3 or 4 lessons depending on the discipline, stamina, and energy level of the student. An hour many not sound like a lot of time, but most of our students have sore muscles and blistered hands before the end of the week. Because we have such an intense focus on improving performance on the water, we only accept 8-12 students per week. Ideally, each week has no more than 10 students.

Each lesson we offer is a private lesson with the boat taking just one student out at a time to work on the discipline of their choice. Because of this, we are able to accommodate a wide range of skills and abilities of our students during a single week of lessons. Also, our students are able to make great strides in their competence because of the focused instruction.

When the students are not on the water, there are many activities for them to participate in. We have a rope swing, a water trampoline, stand up paddle boards, canoes, a sand volleyball court, and fishing gear. We also have many inside activities and games that we use during the heat of the day and in the evening after dark. In the evening, when the lessons are over, we plan group activities such as tie-dying, relay races, and capture the flag. There is also a campfire ring that we use frequently for roasting s’mores and telling ghost stories. We have a wide range of activities and games and we always try to get input from the students before planning anything.

We typically offer 10 weeks of lessons each summer. Many of our students and families return year after year bringing younger siblings, cousins, and friends. We strive to provide a safe, fun, and family friendly environment for everyone to enjoy the water.

There is a cabin built right on the water that the students and staff stay in. There is little to no cell phone service but there is a land line phone that parents may call students on and students may use this to call home anytime. There is no wi-fi available at the cabin. This lack of cell phone and internet availability sometimes surprises our guests, but it is often a welcome break from the constant connectivity of normal life.

We are able to fit in a few private lessons throughout the season, but our main focus has always been the week-long camps.

If you are interested in registering for the 2017 season, please visit this page about the 2017 camps.